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A Look Back at 2022 in Review

Avneet Takhar

7 min read

Last year, here at OneFeather and in the world around us, there were a lot of changes. What with the ongoing pandemic, a rising digital environment, and a demand for increased accessibility of services – we were riding the wave along with everyone else to do the best we could.

Looking back at what we accomplished, in a combination of adhering to feedback from our wonderful customers and community, iterating on our products, and teaming up with awesome Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations and partners, we present to you some neat things that have taken place!

2022 Highlights
2022 Highlights

At OneFeather

Launching our Monthly Newsletter (we know, it was long overdue!): Read all about our latest Indigenous news, releases and gift programs by signing up here.

🤩 Being named a "Leader" by Vancouver Economic Commission and "10 to Watch" by Indigenomics Institute: Amongst some phenomenal Indigenous trailblazers, celebrating building economic growth for our respective communities.

Featuring in a Campaign for Shaw : Spotlighting businesses serving their communities through technology. We were super grateful to be hand-picked as an Indigenous company recognized for services based on connectivity.

Growing our Team by 50%: To accompany our evolving services including our Governance Consulting Services, Indigenous Banking with OneFeather APP, Status Card Applications, Voting, Serving Nations and OneFeather Member Accounts.

Speaking at a Few Panels: Discussing sustainability, challenges and Indigenous innovation in the current climate at Rising Economy, Identity North and Indigenomics Institute: Emerging 100 Billion Dollar Indigenous Economy.

OneFeather Co-founder, Matthew Lehner (right in the middle!) for Rising Economy
OneFeather Co-founder, Matthew Lehner (right in the middle!) for Rising Economy

🎙 Doing some podcast shows and diving into the Indigenous digital space - including creating our very own series with "What's That Noise?! Listen to them all here:

OneFeather Founder, Lawrence Lewis very happy in conversation with Chief Robert Joseph
OneFeather Founder, Lawrence Lewis very happy in conversation with Chief Robert Joseph

Our Community

🧡 Receiving 180+ Signatures: In a call to the Government of Canada for a permanent commitment to immediately respond to reports of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, which you can also sign here.

40+ referrals of Status Card Applications: Learn how you can receive gifts through our referral program by signing up to our newsletter here.

Increasing Nations We Support for Voting, Elections and Community Surveys/Events: From 220+ communities to 270+ - almost 25% more compared to 2021!

Casting a ballot
Casting a ballot

Seeing a rise from 2021 to 2022 of:

  • 279 - New Bank Accounts connected to Wallet APP
  • 4,163 - Increased APP installs
  • 10,502- Status Card Applications created
  • 154,610- OneFeather Memberships added
  • 159, 780+ votes - 50,000+ of them electronic

Supporting 200+ voting events for Nations and Communities: Including historically the largest Métis vote in Canada - Metis Nation of Alberta. It was an honour to have been part of such a pivotal vote that was years in the making!

Receiving 1,560+ 🔟 / 🔟 Reviews for Status Card Applications, with a 90% Satisfaction Rate: The feedback from you is so valued!

It helps us make our products and services better, so we say a big thank you every time you take a minute out of your day to let us know how your experience has been.

Product Updates

Status Card Applications

Launching Online Status Card Applications for Dependents: We saw a demand from you, and wanted to deliver on your needs. See how you can renew a card today, for yourself or a dependent here, along with step by step guide!

Improving the Status Card Application Process: By adhering to our community's feedback as much as possible, and further reducing barriers by:

  • Creating a photo cropper tool
  • Providing an auto-address search
  • Faster, digital submissions to Indigenous Services Canada
  • Creating a Status Card fulfilment time tracker tool

We also decided to reduce the price of Status Card Applications from $30 to $19.95 for greater accessibility.

Individuals & Nations: OneFeather Member Accounts

The security of our members is very important to us, so we've doubled down on it by adding the following:

  • Secondary email option
  • Phone number with verification

And, after learning that the page on Members’ accounts for the 'Managing Accounts' tab was something our community didn't love looking at in terms of design, we changed the layout - for a more user-friendly interface!

To learn more on how to become a community member to vote, for Nations services, or to use our status card services, sign up to become a Member today!

OneFeather Wallet & Pay for Nations

In response to a gap that was identified by our users (you!) 🤩, we saw an opportunity to make life easier for leaders to better serve their Nations. So we went about creating an integration tool for Financial Managers of Nations.

Nations Financial Managers are now able to create their own OneFeather Wallet accounts to set up for disbursement funds of their members.

Learn more about how we can serve your nation, and how the OneFeather Wallet works for multi-purposes (PAY card, 1FTs, withdrawals and transfers). And you can use the same login as when you sign up to become a OneFeather Member!

So here, we say Gila'kasla (thank you) for all the ongoing support to our wonderful community, and partners including Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, BlocPal, BC Achievement Foundation, Varshney Capital Corp, Humanitas Smart Planet Fund and Sustainable Development Canada. We wouldn't be able to do any of the work we do without you all!

And don't worry, we won't leave you hanging for too long to find out what's happening for 2023. We don't want to give away everything yet- but let's just say it involves positive updates to voting and benefits to those eligible for tax-related assistance.

Sign up to our newsletter to be the first in the know when we do the BIG reveal.