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OneFeather is Indigenomics' '10 To Watch' Winner 2022

Chelsea Josue

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On Friday 20 May, 2022 Indigenomics Institute announced OneFeather as one of the winners of their '10 to Watch' 2022 awards at their sold-out design conference 'Activating the Financial Architecture of the 100 Billion Dollar Indigenous Economy'. The event took place at The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver and featured high-profile Indigenous speakers from companies such as Volterra Indigenous Energy, Indigenous Box (also a '10 to Watch' winner!) and Toronto Stock Exchange.

Indigenomics Design Conference
Indigenomics Design Conference

Indigenomics Design Conference | ​ Photo Credit Indigenomics Institute

One of the speakers was OneFeather's very own Founder, Lawrence Lewis who accepted the award:

“OneFeather is thrilled to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Indigenous companies to watch for 2022! We strive everyday to provide digital solutions to Indigenous people and communities which unlock wealth, build strong communities, celebrate our sovereign identity, and lift our people up. Thank you to the Indigenomics Institute for this prestigious honour, and setting new courageous paths for all of us to better serve our Indigenous communities and people.”

The '10 to Watch' awards further supported byAxxcelus Capital, a capital and advisory firm that facilitates ownership in major assets for Indigenous communities, showed their encouragement via CEO, Paul Poscente:

“Igniting the 100-billion-dollar Indigenous economy will require leadership at all levels. Axxcelus exists to support the path to economic sovereignty for Indigenous communities and will watch with anticipation for the future achievements of these recipients."

Read more about the awards here.

About Indigenomics Institute, '10 To Watch' Awards: The Indigenomics Institute's '10 To Watch' Awards are given to ten distinctive businesses, partnerships or initiatives who demonstrate leadership in the emerging 100 billion dollar Indigenous economy. Each year’s winners stand out for successfully building unique and competitive businesses, partnerships and initiatives that are impacting the way we interact, create value and lead within the Indigenous economy.