Cover Image for Vancouver Economic Commission Names OneFeather a Leader

Vancouver Economic Commission Names OneFeather a Leader

Avneet Takhar

1 min read

Throughout Canada's National Indigenous History Month 2022, there has been a magnified interest of companies that are pushing the envelope in contributing to the Indigenous economy.

OneFeather is honoured to be recognized as one of them. Amongst the incredible array of entrepreneurs, visionaries and catalysts of change that are making a huge difference to the Indigenous growth and infrastructures for our peoples, it's humbling to be in a position of acknowledgement for our efforts.

"As a national leader in developing new and innovative technologies designed specifically for Indigenous people, communities and their governments, OneFeather is uniquely positioned to both recognize a dark chapter in the story of Canada, and to also become a beacon of hope and celebration of what can be done to lift Indigenous people up. " -Lawrence Lewis, Founder of OneFeather

Read more about OneFeather via Innovate B.C's blog, Shaw Business' campaign for National Indigenous History Month and a snippet of our Founder, Lawrence Lewis speaking about 'Indigenous Digital Identity' for What's That Noise Podcast.