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OneFeather Launches More Features to Status Card for Dependents

Chelsea Josue

3 min read

In June 2022, OneFeather set in motion the launch of Status Cards for Dependents. By listening to the obstacles that our peoples let us know that they face, we created a product and one that continues to evolve according to their needs.

See here our timeline of the latest features, and how to apply in order to get a personal or dependent Status Card renewed/replaced today.

7 June 2022 | Status Card for Dependents Launch 

Status Card for Dependents is officially up and running, the first online platform in Canada to provide this service!

30 June 2022 | Dependents of a Different Nation to their Guardian

Upon feedback from our community, we quickly work to provide the option of Status Card for Dependents that are of a Different Nation to their Guardian.

27 July 2022 | Dependents with Documents Pertaining to their Custody

Another addition to our ongoing improvements is Status Card for Dependents Pertaining to their Custody. To get started, watch our demo video below. To access the application Status Card page; login/ sign up first.

5 August | Status Card for Dependent Adults

The latest offering is Status Card for Dependent Adults, within the category of: 16+ years of age as an adult who may have a mental and/or physical limitation and depends on assistance to carry out regular activities, obtain services, as well as access and protect their rights. See demo video to learn more!

And it doesn’t stop there 👀. Watch out for more advancements as they come; and see below on how-to apply!

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We know it can sometimes be tough trying to figure out online applications, so we have made it easy for you to dive in!

Example of a Status Card
Example of a Status Card

Helpful Tips

See our step-by-step process to begin an application!

• 1️⃣ Start by creating a OneFeather account and visiting our Status Card page, which includes FAQs. To access the application Status Card page; login/ sign up for an account first.

• 2️⃣ See detailed instructions here.

• 3️⃣ Been through the application and realize you’re not yet eligible for Status Card for Dependents? No worries! Sign up to the early notifications list to alert you when new features are added, by filling in a 1 min questionnaire!

* Must sign up / or already have a OneFeather account to proceed

* The above applies for all our Status Card services, apart from Step 3 which is dependents-specific

We hope this is a valuable guide that helps with yours and loved ones’ Indigenous digital identity and sovereignty journey!