Your Nation Should Use OneFeather Services in Your Upcoming Voting Event

OneFeather is leading the development of technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of First Nations in Canada.

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Specifically, we are leaders in vote management services, electronic voting, and member registrar management solutions. We offer comprehensive, end-to-end voting management services that can be tailored to elections, referendums, and ratifications.

We have worked with over 200 Nations, and hundreds of voting processes across Canada. Our vision and mission are guided by our founder who is a First Nation and has Nations interest at heart. With over 20 years of experience working with Nations across all voting events, OneFeather has dedicated itself in helping Nations achieve their long-term goals of being self- governed and managing their own resources.


  1. We provide digital solutions to enhance member engagement and increase member participation in an election.

  2. Our technology and services help alleviate administrative pain and reduce cost associated with Band governance activities.

  3. We help communities to continue protecting their history, languages, traditions, and culture for they are paramount to who we are as a people.

  4. Also, we help communities in maintaining the spirit and intent of the treaties and their inherent rights through successful elections.

  5. We help Nations in becoming self-sustaining, progressive and have governments that will ensure its people are safe, healthy and prosperous now and into the future. By managing its own Lands and Resources.

  6. Help Nation regardless of their location to feel part of the system through OneFeather electronic voting system. Which is secure, reliable and with a 24/7 client support.

We take pride in what we do, and ultimately help Nations in obtaining more resources which increases economic investments, education and training and even fundamental rights like potable water. Not only for now, but for future generations to come.

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About OneFeather

OneFeather is an Indigenous technology company redefining the Indigenous experience through tradition and innovation. Founded by Lawrence Lewis (We Wai Kai Nation), OneFeather, is grounded in First Nations values and principles. OneFeather offers digital services for resilient Nation-building including election and voting services, data sovereignty, community engagement, and soon a full suite of banking solutions for the individual and Nations. OneFeather has served over 230+ First Nations and Métis across Canada and their 302,000+ members. With the launch of dedicated Indigenous banking solutions - OneFeather APP and OneFeather PAY, online status card services, and a leading trust center for sovereign digital Indigenous identity and data, OneFeather will further serve Indigenous communities across Canada.

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