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OneFeather Supporting First Nations and Communities Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Erik English

2 min read

Dear OneFeather family,

With the current COVID-19 scenario swiftly unfolding across the world and here at home we want you, our extended family, to know that our top priority is taking care of one another. This includes the health and safety of staff and First Nation communities in which we so proudly service.

OneFeather will continue operations remotely to uplift and empower the resiliency of Indigenous communities, governance and sovereignty through this crisis. The feedback from our clients has been one of relief and thankfulness for our recommendations, management and leadership. Please know that we are here to support you.

We don’t know how long it will be before Indigenous leaders deem face to face engagement “safe” again – and we are here to support Nations in the development of those management plans. As you already know OneFeather is leading indigenous digital solutions in engagement and decisions making across Canada. Our 170+ clients are using electronic voting and online community engagement to help weather and navigate the current crisis ensuring the continuity of governance, health and welfare security.

Moreover, we are quickly adopting advanced safety measures & innovative technology alternatives for current and future events/elections. We are reducing and even eliminating the risk of that direct person-to-person engagement through existing and new technologies to ensure we all thrive and continue to support each other through this crisis; now, during, and after.

Please feel free to reach out to us to see how we can support you and plan not only for this crisis but also well beyond. We remain committed in every way possible to help our community through this time. Please know, from our family to yours, our thoughts are with you.

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