OneFeather Open-ended Surveys Feature Allows Indigenous Community's to Pose Everyday Questions to Their Membership!

OneFeather clients have told us for a while they needed a better survey feature. What they wanted was a simple, fast and efficient way to ask their communities open-ended questions about a variety of topics.


These community polls don't require anywhere near the formality or administrative overhead of a referendum or plebiscite. Instead, open-ended surveys can be used to gather information from the community to make strategic decisions, or poll community members about sorts of food and refreshments they would like to see served at an event.

While there are some free, popular online tools that offer open-ended surveys, this new feature keeps everything centralized and easy to manage within the OneFeather voting platform. On top of that, survey responses are kept confidential until you decide to share, and member data is kept private and is never stored on a server outside of Canada.

OneFeather is pleased to offer yet one more tool in the toolkit as we continue to evolve our software to meet the specific needs of our Indigenous clients. Learn more about OneFeather registrar management and engagement tools.

Watch this video walkthrough of the OneFeather's open-ended survey feature:

Learn more About OneFeather Registrar Management and Engagement Tools

About OneFeather

OneFeather is an Indigenous technology company redefining the Indigenous experience through tradition and innovation. Founded by Lawrence Lewis (We Wai Kai Nation), OneFeather, is grounded in First Nations values and principles. OneFeather offers digital services for resilient Nation-building including election and voting services, data sovereignty, community engagement, and soon a full suite of banking solutions for the individual and Nations. OneFeather has served over 230+ First Nations and Métis across Canada and their 302,000+ members. With the launch of dedicated Indigenous banking solutions - OneFeather APP and OneFeather PAY, online status card services, and a leading trust center for sovereign digital Indigenous identity and data, OneFeather will further serve Indigenous communities across Canada.

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