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OneFeather Helps to Ensure Indigenous Identity Will Never Expire

Chelsea Josue

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Offering the only online status card service in Canada, OneFeather’s status card (SCIS) application service allows Indigenous people to renew, replace, or apply online. The service is a simple, stress-free, affordable online process that respects Indigenous privacy, identity, and sovereignty and reduces the risk of status card expiry and application rejections.

“Our status card application process works to eliminate the pains of systemic racism by increasing accessibility,” Lawrence Lewis, CEO of OneFeather, says. “Empowering Indigenous Peoples ensures our identities won’t be erased.” To apply for or renew their status card, Indigenous individuals can create a OneFeather account by going to Individuals verify their identity by uploading a selfie holding their current status card or picture ID and fill in the same information that would appear on the Government of Canada application. Individuals only need a OneFeather account, mobile device or computer that can take a picture and that has an internet connection, and a guarantor with a current status card to verify their identity.

The OneFeather status card service is focused on saving Indigenous individuals time and money. Indigenous Peoples living in remote areas often lack the necessary services required to fill out traditional applications –including printing, passport photography, and travel to post offices. OneFeather’s service eliminates this time-consuming process and Indigenous individuals no longer have to be concerned about their identity “expiring.” Often, a simple mistake on a status card (SCIS) application can delay the renewal process for six months or longer – leading the Government of Canada to no longer recognize an Indigenous individuals’ inherent rights if their status card “expires”. OneFeather aims to eliminate this problem by offering a no-risk guarantee that the status card application will be accepted or renewed. If the application is rejected by the Government of Canada, OneFeather immediately refunds the individual, and a representative personally works with them to have their application resubmitted. OneFeather will also offer a tracking service where individuals can see average wait times for fulfillment of their status card.

Although OneFeather submits applications on behalf of Indigenous Peoples to Canada, it is not a partnership. OneFeather is in service to Indigenous Peoples – members and Nations own the rights to their data. The Indigenous individual is not submitting their personal information directly to the Government of Canada – OneFeather only submits what is required for the application. This makes OneFeather a truth (and trusted) centre for Indigenous digital identity. Once an account is created, it is up to the individual to decide how much information they want to share and with whom.


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