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New Updates to OneFeather platform for Nation Administrators

Erik English

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We’re proud to say OneFeather builds software specifically to be used by First Nations. The app is able to utilize certain data sets unique to First Nations, and OneFeather’s authentication and verification systems, along with email verification, provide a level of security unavailable through any other existing software.

The team is always making improvements and enhancements to the OneFeather app. Here are some of the latest updates to make voting management and community engagement more efficient, and even more secure than before.

What’s New With OneFeather

The OneFeather team has made a number of additions to the OneFeather app that make it easier to understand and communicate with members and communities.

For example, we’ve added new member profile features like gender (including gender neutral options), dates record for the deceased, and greater range of classifications for members.

Increased Security and Data Protection

Overall, the OneFeather app now offers increased data security and protection, thanks to upgrades to our backend architecture.

We have also added a detailed immutable log feature that logs every transaction, interaction and activity associated with a voting event.

This feature is essential for audit purposes, as it provides a level of granular detail not available with any other voting software, while still protecting voter anonymity for every ballot cast.

In addition, data is encrypted from end-to-end including during transmission and storage. No data is stored on any device at any time.

What’s Next for the OneFeather App

Coming down the pike are new quick reference graphs on the OneFeather app dashboard, increased member reporting features, and client-defined fields for member data collection and management.

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