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Nations App Users: Updates Announcement

Avneet Takhar

2 min read

We’ve recently made some awesome changes to our Nations App; for administrators and leaders who manage Nation community members. The processes are to make your lives easier in the day-to-day of what you manage from voting events to contact information- and everything in between.

So, here’s all you need to know about the latest improvements!

🗳️ Easier Voting Event Setup

Our new user-friendly multi-page form streamlines your voting setup, saving you time and reducing errors.

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🗓️ Early Event Publishing

You can now publish your voting event earlier without the premature emails being sent to confirmed members.

  • The automated email notifications start 5 days before the event.

Less planning, more automation!

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🔐 Secure Single Sign-On

We’ve further increased the security of OneFeather with a new singular account process. Use one account to log into ALL your OneFeather products including:

  • Nations App
  • Members App
  • Wallet App

* Remember to create a strong password and use email addresses that only you personally use (for login and recovery purposes).

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👥 Customized Contact Info for Deputies

You can now decide to show/ or not show contact information for deputy officials, so voters reach out to the right person for help. Re-direct no more! 

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⏰ Polling Stations with Flexible Time Zones

Easily customize time zones for each polling station. We've done away with that confusing list of duplicate locations— so setup is a breeze!

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📮 Simpler Mail-In Ballot Requests

Voters can now easily request mail-in ballots with OneFeather! A new team role has been added—Mail-in Ballot Manager—to help Electoral Officers and Deputies process requests.

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And that’s everything, folks! We encourage you to explore these nifty updates 🔍 and if you need a hand 👋🏽 , we’re here for you too. Just send us your questions here.