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Nation App Users:  Updates to Voting and Membership Management 

Avneet Takhar

3 min read

📣 Nation administrators listen up. We’ve made some nifty refinements to the Nations App- focusing on the voter and membership list pages which we think you’ll really like! 

The goal here was to basically make everything easier to view; so let’s get into these changes together.

Voter Management

📋 User-Friendly Voter List Display

The voter list still appears on a single page, but is organized into easily navigable tabs for each voting category:

  • In-person voting
  • Mail-in voting
  • Digital voting
  • View all info

Simply click on a tab to access the relevant information!

*The voting categories adhere to what the Nation has chosen, so only those ones will appear. 

The brand new look!
The brand new look!

🗳️ New Voter Cards: Breakdown

We've introduced breakpoints for optimal viewing on any device!

👀 Voter Card Details

Each voter card includes the essential information:

  • Full name
  • Birth date
  • Registration number
  • Voting status

➕ Additional Information by Voting Category

-Mail-in Voting:

  • Request status
  • Request date
  • Mail-in package sent status, with date

-Digital Voting:

  • Eligibility for digital voting
  • PIN (if eligible)

-All Info View:

All information pertaining to the voter, including:

  • Mail-in ballot status
  • Digital voting eligibility and PIN
  • Account status
  • Voting status

* Available information varies based on administrator permissions.

🛑 Voter Withdrawal (Authorized Personnel Only)

  • It remains that only Election Officers (EOs) and Ratification Officers (ROs) have the authority to withdraw voters.
  • By selecting the voter’s card (if they haven't voted), they can be removed from the current event.
  • If a mistake was made it can be rectified by re-adding the voter to the event through their profile page.

🔍 Less Searching in Search Bar & Sort

Previously to search for a voter you could put their first name, last name OR registry number- you couldn’t combine them. Now you can!

Here are the changes:

  • As an example, you can put a name with part of a registry number, and the search is reduced, making it quicker to find the voter.
  • The “Sort by” value has moved to a right-hand side tab view for ease, with data adhering to each category of vote and its voters.
  • The MVP, “View all” contains all voter info.

Search, and you will surely seek with our improved feature!
Search, and you will surely seek with our improved feature!

Membership Management

📑 Membership List Page

We’ve made tweaks to some important areas:

  • The page has been updated to a similar design and search / sort functionality as the voter’s list for consistency.
  • The same membership info is still displayed, but it’s no longer in a table.
  • Advanced search is still available, but we’ve provided clearer descriptions for each part of the custom fields.

Check out our support guide for all the details, folks!