Job Posting: Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Job Posting: Chief Operations Officer (COO)

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The Opportunity

The Chief Operations Officer (COO) manages multiple voting projects with efficiency and accuracy. The position involves leading a team in all stages of voting events including client engagement, proposal writing, preparing event notices and attending voting events.  The Chief Operations Officer reports to the CEO & Founder of OneFeather.


Position: Chief Operations Office (COO)

OneFeather manages over 50 voting events per year across Canada for First Nations and Indigenous organizations including Chief and Council Elections, Land Code Ratifications, Law and Policy amendment votes, and Settlement Vote Ratifications.  OneFeather has created a leading and innovative online voting platform designed specifically for Indigenous Peoples and is currently developing new technologies to serve Indigenous Peoples including dedicated Indigenous banking solutions and digital status card services, to build upon the primary values of the company.

Job Details

Overseeing 3-5 staff in managing day-to-day voting operations in our Victoria office.  Strategic calendar planning and systems management to ensure time and resources are effectively utilized.  Acting as the lead on multiple and concurrent voting events.  Assess and develop Company Policies and Procedures.


The successful candidate must have an advanced degree such as Law or Public Administration who is able to travel, excels at project management, is tech-savvy, a team leader, prioritizes client relationships, is committed to the small details, and is passionate about supporting and advancing Indigenous democracy. The candidate is also a good communicator who functions well under pressure.

How to Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to


About OneFeather

OneFeather is an Indigenous technology company redefining the Indigenous experience through tradition and innovation. Founded by Lawrence Lewis (We Wai Kai Nation), OneFeather, is grounded in First Nations values and principles. OneFeather offers digital services for resilient Nation-building including election and voting services, data sovereignty, community engagement, and soon a full suite of banking solutions for the individual and Nations. OneFeather has served over 230+ First Nations and Métis across Canada and their 302,000+ members. With the launch of dedicated Indigenous banking solutions - OneFeather APP and OneFeather PAY, online status card services, and a leading trust center for sovereign digital Indigenous identity and data, OneFeather will further serve Indigenous communities across Canada.

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