First Nations can soon bank (without stepping foot in a bank) and renew status cards from home – staying safe and sovereign with the OneFeather APP.

The new app launching soon will deliver solutions specific to Indigenous needs, reconcile economic and social injustice, and lift our people up.

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The release of the new OneFeather APP, designed for First Nations, couldn’t come at a more relevant time. The app can help First Nations stay safe and sovereign during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the app set to release in 2020, First Nations will be able to bank (without stepping foot in a bank) and renew their status cards – all from the safety of their home in one simple app.


In response to the pandemic, OneFeather’s Founder, Lawrence Lewis, said "I am saddened by the impacts of COVID-19 on Indigenous communities across Canada, but as always inspired by their resiliency and commitment to family and community. OneFeather will continue to develop Indigenous built solutions to redefine our experience through innovation and tradition. We have survived pandemics before and will emerge from this stronger than ever."

Without stepping foot in a bank, First Nations will soon be able to receive some of the benefits of a bank account from the comfort of home with the OneFeather APP. Earlier this year, an investigation into the arrest of an Indigenous elder and his granddaughter at a bank in Vancouver resulted in national attention and tension across Indigenous communities. While banking is essential, Indigenous communities are the largest un-banked population in Canada. Leaving home to open a bank account and pay bills will no longer be required - eliminating potential health risks or the fear of suffering racial discrimination.

The OneFeather APP’s digital banking solution includes a physical reloadable MasterCard for in-person transactions and an indigenous only rewards program. The reward program offers rewards and benefits on every transaction - much like a point-based system.

The APP will also reduces the risk of status card expiry when status card renewals are eventually integrated into the APP. Recognizing that Indigenous identity never expires, the OneFeather APP simplifies and moves the Indigenous Services Canada’s (ISC) status card renewal processes through a digital submission process. The traditional paper-based process can be difficult and time-consuming putting status cards at risk of expiry, and provoke the pains associated with colonialism and other historical and current abuses of institutions and government. Users don’t need to leave home (or incur the costs) to get a passport photo or mail in their application. Renewal submissions can be completed from any smart device in just a few minutes.

OneFeather is partnering with leaders including BlocPal International and Berkeley Payments, and investors, such as Raven Capital Partners (an Indigenous capital firm), to redefine the digital indigenous experience. Using blockchain technology, other innovative technologies, and world-class payment solutions, we are working together to lift up Indigenous people and empower data sovereignty.

“Our partnership with OneFeather is focused on delivering very relevant digital services for First Nations across Canada, meeting the specific needs of community members in a practical way” noted Nick Mellios, CEO of BlocPal. “Our technology securely integrates multiple best in class services, like Berkeley Payments’ prepaid Visa and OneFeather’s voting and status card renewal, to make it easy for members to receive the solutions they need from one place, their OneFeather APP.”

"We are thrilled to be a part of the OneFeather project with our partner BlocPal, providing financial support and accessibility to these underserved communities", says Berkeley CEO Jonathon Hamburg. "Working with a great tech company like BlocPal and integrating payments and prepaid allows First Nations to disburse funds to their communities quickly and efficiently, providing users with easy access to funds, and greater spend capabilities, along with cash flow management and elevated customer service."

About OneFeather
OneFeather is an Indigenous Technology company redifining the Indigenous experience through tradition and innovation. Founded by Lawrence Lewis (We Wai Kai Nation), OneFeather, is grounded in First Nations values and principles. OneFeather offers digital services for strong Nation building including election and voting services, data sovereignty, community engagement and now a full suite of banking solutions for the individual. OneFeather supports over 195+ First Nations and Metis across the country and over 196,000 users. With the launch of the new OneFeather APP, OneFeather will further serve Indigenous communities and people across Canada with dedicated Indigenous banking solutions. 

About BlocPal
BlocPal’s vision is to provide the world a simple, fast, and secure digital transaction platform that allows anyone to safely transact in their currency or asset of choice. BlocPal delivers innovative digital payment processing and financial services to help enterprise partners reduce transaction costs, create new revenue streams and build more engaged relationships with their customers. With its suite of applications, BlocPal’s ecosystem supports a range of solutions for point-of-sale, e-commerce, white label enterprise solutions, loyalty rewards, financial network integrations and robust consumer digital wallets.

About Berkeley
Berkeley brings over a decade of experience offering fully branded, mass-payment solutions to corporations looking to disburse funds to customers, employees and suppliers via physical prepaid cards or virtual real-time payments. Berkeley provides end-to-end custom solutions, securely managing and sending funds while customizing user experiences and tracking results that drive successful outcomes. Berkeley provides services to corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations (NGO) in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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Chelsea Josue

Marketing & Business Development Manager, OneFeather

Mike Edward

President of Global Sales, BlocPal International

Kyra Petticrew

Director of Marketing, Berkeley Payments

Mitchell Krakower

VP Sales, Berkeley Payments

About OneFeather

OneFeather is an Indigenous technology company redefining the Indigenous experience through tradition and innovation. Founded by Lawrence Lewis (We Wai Kai Nation), OneFeather, is grounded in First Nations values and principles. OneFeather offers digital services for resilient Nation-building including election and voting services, data sovereignty, community engagement, and soon a full suite of banking solutions for the individual and Nations. OneFeather has served over 230+ First Nations and Métis across Canada and their 302,000+ members. With the launch of dedicated Indigenous banking solutions - OneFeather APP and OneFeather PAY, online status card services, and a leading trust center for sovereign digital Indigenous identity and data, OneFeather will further serve Indigenous communities across Canada.

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