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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Voter Apathy By Learning about OneFeather

Erik English

3 min read

We have continuously helped First Nations in managing successful voting events of all kinds. However, during an election, some Nations encounter low voter turnout. When minimum thresholds are not met during mission-critical referendum or ratification vote, Nations find themselves in the plight of a fresh vote. Voting is a costly activity, and when Nations are forced to conduct a new vote, valuable treasure that could be used to better community towards sustainable developments and prosperity are at stake!

Low voter turnout is clearly a problem, but arguably a much greater worry is the growing disparity of that turnout. Voter apathy is not exclusive to First Nations – it is seen across the country at all levels of voting. Apathy remains a significant determinant in voting decisions. People become bored, alienated, or mistrustful of their leaders or the voting event. Eventually this influences members’ perception on casting votes. A low turnout may be due to disillusionment, indifference, or even complacent satisfaction with the way the Nation is being governed.

Voter apathy is highly associated with barriers to voter participation such as: age, race, socioeconomic status, education, disability, lack of interest in the election, not being on the voters list, difficulty finding where and when to vote, problems with the polling station, political problems, feeling their vote doesn’t matter, illness, etc.

OneFeather voting platform removes all possible voting barriers for your members and increases overall voter participation by as much as 30%. Our electronic voting platform was precisely built for First Nations to help address these specific reasons for low voter turnout. OneFeather is the only First Nation technology company providing secure, electronic secret ballot voting technologies, voting event management, and member registrar solutions designed and deployed specifically for the unique needs of First Nations in Canada.

Also, we pride ourselves in having a tool that helps bring solution to help curb voter apathy. With a very clean user interface that allows eligible voters to complete the entire voting process in about 2 minutes…all from the convenience of a phone, tablet, or computer! This has not only helped enhance voter turnout but has increased participation in a voting event. We encourage Nations that have not tried our electronic voting to give it a try and get prepared to be wowed with how it works!

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