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Co-Founder of First Nations Internet Exchange on Indigenous AI

Avneet Takhar

2 min read

Centering Indigenous ethics and rights into the folds of his digital ventures has always come first for James Delorme, as the former Chief of Klahoose First Nation and co-founder of First Nations Internet Exchange (which connects folks across Canada). Serving Indigenous peoples in combining tradition with prosperous digital literacy, his focus on sovereignty and independence for the communities has always been the driving force.

As a board member for important organizations such as the BC Assembly of First Nations, and actively implementing the principles of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) throughout his career endeavours, Delorme is a firm believer of mixing integral Indigenous knowledge within the digital space.

In this eighth episode, the conversation gets into Indigenous AI and decentralized systems, and the current tech landscape on how its evolving for Native communities. 

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