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CEO of Virtual Reality Hub on Indigenous Skills Training

Avneet Takhar

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ORIGIN is the one of the first virtual reality innovation hubs in Canada (located in Thunder Bay, ON) that focuses on Indigenous culture, combined with skills training for employment.They’ve even got a VR cultural library which is used by over 1,000 school across provinces and educates both students and employers alike about Indigenous practises and history.

And it’s CEO and President, Melissa Hardy-Giles, a member of Red Rock Indian Band who is behind the curriculum and teachings within the unique tech centre, who along with her diverse team, works on combining cultural values with immersive learning; to advance economic reconciliation. By facilitating meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities and corporate Canada, students get a foot up the ladder for careers in tech that match their traditional ways of life.

In this seventh episode, we delve into what it takes to promote, as well as protect culture through technology and the tools required to provide the progressive, and equitable development of Indigenous digital identity.

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