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Casting an Informed Vote

Erik English

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Casting an informed vote is important because it means members have analyzed what is important to the community, who are the best leaders for them, what projects are going to benefit the members among others. Attending meetings is valuable, not only for voicing your own opinion, but for connecting with others in your community.

One of the greatest opportunities for community development comes with elections and elected leaders. During an election process attending community meetings are important in the following ways:

  1. Members get an opportunity to meet and interact with their leaders

  1. Allows members to ask questions and clarification on various subject matters

  1. Gives room to voice your own opinion

  1. Find out what other community members are saying regarding the upcoming election

  1. Get a better handle on the community politics

Staying informed and aware, is one of the biggest advantages of being a regular at community meetings. Which ultimately leads to an informed vote. When communities are dealing with our rights, our title, our governance structure, or compensation, we must make the right decisions that will impact not only our rights but the rights of future generations. We must make sure our decisions are in line with our duty and responsibilities as stewards to the lands and resources and ensuring there will be sustainability for many generations to come.

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