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A Vision For Our People With OneFeather Online Voting

Erik English

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In our business development activities, we seek to strike a balance between smart technologies, ethical growth, inclusion and a vision that reflects our past, present and future.

To sustain and strengthen OneFeather, we

  • Think big and act decisively to help Nations achieve thresholds for voting events that will ultimately help in socio-economic developments.
  • Build strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect from all our clients
  • Share our wealth of knowledge with the broader community during and after voting events to ensure prosperity and growth of our communities.
  • We draw on the knowledge of our ancestors to remedy past wrongs, and advance into a bright future.

Digital voting has been around since the early days of the internet. However, we introduced an online voting platform specifically build for First Nations across Canada. Our electronic voting technologies have moved e-democracy from a hypothetical vision to an established mechanism for modern decision making and community engagement.

OneFeather dedicates itself to helping First Nations with informed decision-making processes through electronic voting. We are proud to help communities exercise their democratic rights and make decisions that will inspire growth and prosperity towards future success. This is achieved through our easy to use, accessible and straightforward online platform.

For us, online voting is a means to facilitate access to the ballot box for voters both on and off reserves who are qualified to register and vote. This ensures inclusion for those who are facing difficulties accessing polling stations, and, critically want to be an integral part of civic engagement. In this regard, online voting has been seen by our clients as a solution that has potentially helped increase voter turnout and engagement.

"Thank you so much for this service. Being a member of the RCMP and working in Northern Manitoba in wonderful communities is rewarding but I am always late or unable to be a vocal and voting member of my true home community. Thanks to OneFeather I have a voice again in the place I grew up and will always call home." - Andrew St. Germaine

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