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A New OneFeather Feature That Your Nation Needs - Engagement

Erik English

2 min read

We are excited to announce that we have a useful feature available to help with your voting event. The beneficial feature known as Engagement has two powerful tools: Email and Document Management. The Email feature allows the admin of a Nation to send emails to all active members who have registered for online voting. Also, it allows the admin to copy the email to the management side of a Nation.

The email feature allows the admin to do the following: 1. Track the percentage of delivered emails to all active members 2. Track how many active members opened their emails 3. Track the number of bounced emails 4. Indicates the number of attachments and if the user opened the attachments

To complement the useful Email feature, the Document Management feature allows the admin to send attachments to the management and all active users. Also, the documents can be viewed on the public landing page accessible to all registered members of a Nation. This tool gets more exciting because the admin can dictate the number of days the documents will stay active on the landing page. Allowing multiple useful documents to be shared with their members. These documents can be newsletters, posters, notices among others. Ensuring your content is always current and up to date.

We strive to make our features user friendly and engage our clients in all useful ways possible. OneFeather is the only First Nation technology company providing secure, electronic secret ballot voting technologies, voting event management, and member registrar solutions designed and deployed specifically for the unique needs of First Nations in Canada.

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