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5 Indigenous Women You Need to Know

Avneet Takhar

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In unity of everyone who identifies as a woman, we say Happy International Women’s Day to you! And in-line with the theme of #embraceequity we spotlight 5 Indigenous women who are bringing equitable action and change through the incredible services and products they offer.

Read on and learn more about ‘em!

Hadih Sage Lacerte Sahdnee


Hadih Sage is Carrier from the Lake Babine Nation and Founder of The Sage Initiative, which is specifically designed to build wealth and prosperity for Indigenous womxn and their families and communities by building the skills and capacity needed to make small to medium sized impact investments that have balanced social, environmental, and fiscal returns.

Focusing on strong Indigenous values of “money as medicine” she leads and provides resources that operate from an impact-driven ecosystem that honour traditional ways.

To know: Sage is also the Ambassador of Moose Hide Campaign which works to end violence towards Indigenous womxn and children.

*Womxn – term use to describe those who identify as women

Alicia. S


Alicia is of Kwakwaka'wakw First Nations (Alert Bay) and an international designer of her self-titled shoes, bags and accessories company, Alicia’s Designs.

Committed to honouring her people through her art, she has made collections that have been dedicated to those who experienced residential schools, and proudly uses her platform to speak up:

"To have First Nations Art in main stream media and show everyone that we are not just in the history books but.. here today and rising."

To know: Alicia also creates beautiful Indigenous designs on luxury Coach handbags!

Connie Walker


Connie is Nehiyaw (Cree) and a member of Okanese First Nation. She’s an award-winning journalist who shares Indigenous voices, shedding light on important issues.

Within her career she has built a database of unsolved cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women, along with other reporters and is host of the Spotify original podcast: Stolen, Surviving St. Michaels which speaks to survivors of the former residential school.

To know: Connie’s eight-episode podcast series was named one of the best podcasts of the year by The New Yorker, Esquire and Vulture.

Jordan Hocking


Jordan is a member of Sweetgrass First Nation and builds community and culture through her ingredients. She’s the Founder of Sriracha Revolver– and she’s certainly the “sauce” of flavour with the unique blends she integrates with her yummy condiments.

Premium hot sauces are her forte, but she’s also partial to creating sweet ones for those who have milder tastes – she’s inclusive like that, and ships across Canada!

To know: Jordan created a Habanero hot sauce for a fundraiser in 2021 and it was so popular it’s now part of the line! She continues to donate towards Indigenous communities with each batch.

Chelsea Vowel (AKA Âpihtawikosisân)


Chelsea, also known as Âpihtawikosisân (meaning Métis, pronounced ah-pih-du-wi-GO-si-sahn), is from Manitow-sâkahikan (Lac Ste. Anne) Alberta. She's the author of Indigenous Writes: A Guide to First Nations, Métis & Inuit Issues in Canada and a podcaster who advocates for Indigenous rights and activism- with decolonization at the forefront.

To know: Chelsea is also a Cree language instructor, and does workshops and speaker events!