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5 Indigenous Businesses You Should Follow

Avneet Takhar

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In recognition of Truth and Reconciliation Month- which we prefer to rename as ReconciliACTION Month, read about the Indigenous companies across Canada who are making a huge difference to their communities.


Founded by Jeff Ward of Ojibwe and Métis heritage, in 2003 Animikii is a tech company for website design and custom software solutions. As a Certified Aboriginal Business (CAB), their core values are focused on The 7 Grandfather Principles from Anishinaabe culture:

Humility, Truth, Honesty, Wisdom, Respect, Courage and Love.

They have a wide portfolio that includes working directly with NGOs, charities and provincial organizations that support Indigenous communities.




An Indigenous-based consulting organization, Naheyawin offers sustainable and strategic practices for DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion). They work with entrepreneurs, education facilities and non-profits, with a focus on creating engaging, productive and communicative workspaces and culture.

Founded by Alberta’s Sucker Creek Cree First Nation siblings Hunter and Jacquelyn Cardinal, they have led workshops and hosted at prestigious award ceremonies such as Alberta Emerald Foundation and Women In Business, in recognition of their Indigenous knowledge-sharing.




Cutting-edge learning institution for VR (Virtual Reality), Origin specializes in teaching students using an Indigenous engagement, workforce development and training structure to grow their skills.

Founded by Melissa Hardy-Giles of Red Rock Indian Band, she and her team are driven by the spirit of economic reconciliation and innovation as well as celebrating the rich Indigenous culture of the land.



First Nations Major Projects Coalition

Non-profit ogranization, First Nations Major Projects Coalition consists of a collective group of First Nations, both elected and hereditary, who undertake projects taking place in territories across Canada.

Their services support environmental stewardship, land-based planning, assistance in developing strategic partnerships, as well as research and advocacy on key public policy issues impacting Indigenous participation in major projects.



Raven Indigenous Capital Partners

The first Indigenous-owned financial intermediary in Canada, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners works with Indigenous entrepreneurs and organizationsfor impact investment and advisory consultancy, leveraging business growth and scalability.

Founded by Paul Lacerte and Jeffrey Cyr, their mission is to break barriers for Indigenous people for access to capital. They’ve been featured on the Globe & Mail in recognition of decolonizing investment!